Smoked duck breast fillet with orange and thyme

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Smoked duck breast fillet with orange and thyme


2 duck breast fillets (Margret de canard) each 0.6 pound (300 gr)
2 oranges
1 bunch thyme
salt and pepper

cherry wood smoke (one chunk or a small handful of chips)


I made this recipe from a Dutch cookbook, I translated it ( so good as well in English) for all our Big Green Egg friends.

Using with a sharp knife the membranes and tendons of the duck breast fillets.
Cut the fat layer crosswise.
Sprinkle the fillets with salt and pepper.
Cut the oranges into 1cm thick slices. Lay the fillets between two layers of orange discs with thyme sprigs and pressure them.
Put about 2 hours in the refrigerator under slight pressure, for example a container of water to put it.

Heating with a single hotspot to 265-285 F (130-140C)
Aim the BGE now for smoking at 195-210F (90-100C)
Put the cherry chunk on the hotspot (or sprinkle the chips around it) and put the heat shield.
Wait until the BGE begins to smoke. Fill a drip tray with a layer of water; add the orange discs and thyme for flavor.
Put the drip pan on the heat shield, place the grill and place the duck breasts on here, with the fat side up.
Cooked in about 50-60 minutes to an internal temperature of 122-128F (50-52C)

Remove the duck breast fillets from the grill and keep warm in aluminum foil. Remove the grill, the drip tray and heat shield.
Put the grate back and place the skillet or griddle on.
Stoke on BGE 395F (200C)

Grill the duck breasts on the meat side on the grill until it starts to smoke.

Lay the fillets then on the fat side of the skillet or griddle. Bake for about 2 minutes.

Now you can leave the lid open longer while you're watching or the fat layer is not too dark.

Remove the skillet or griddle from the BGE and watch out that you do not get the hot fat on your hands.

Let the fillets down on a shelf before they can’t stick cut from a 0.2 inches thick.
A good temperature to serve at 136-140 F (58-60C)

The photo shows the recipe (test) with one fillet.
Unfortunately we had only one, so good and delicious!


persons : 4
time : 60 minuten
book : Cookbook: Hete Kolen from Jeroen Hazebroek & Leonard Ellenbaas
print : Afdrukken